Max Property Group Completes 5 Million Euro Series A Equity Round in December 2022

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2 min readJan 6, 2023

Max Property Group Completes 5 Million Euro Series A Equity Round in December 2022

Press Release — Rotterdam January 2023 — Real Estate company Max Property Group held a Series A Equity Round in 2021 and successfully raised 4.25 Million Euros.

In late 2022, additional Max Property Group shares were made available for existing and new investors. The sale and distribution of these additional shares was permitted under the AFM exemption to complete the 5 Million Euro Series A Equity Round.

The remaining shares for a total value of €750,000 were sold in just two weeks during December 2022. A Series B Equity Round is planned for 2023 or 2024 at a new company valuation, subject to the company obtaining the European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) license and the launch of its new software, Maximise.

Max Property Group was founded by a group of real estate professionals. In 2016, the group launched its first €2.5M property fund in the Netherlands, which was quickly followed by a €2.5M German property fund, a £4.25M UK property fund and a second €2.5M Dutch property fund. In late 2017, a decision was made to develop an international real estate crowdfunding platform to fully automate the investment process. Max Crowdfund was launched in 2020 after obtaining approval from the Dutch financial regulators (AFM). In 2022 Max Crowdfund won the Cashcow award for Best Crowdfunding Platform in the Netherlands.

The Series A Equity Round was held mainly for the development of the software on which the Max Crowdfund platform will run, Maximise, and to pay for Max Crowdfund’s expansion plans into Europe.

Since Max Crowdfund’s launch, the platform has been successfully used to raise over 40 Million Euros for over 140 projects and attracted close to 10,000 registered users and investors. Maximise is expected to be launched towards the end of Q1 2023, and will replace the current platform’s software.

CEO, Felix Berkhout, says:

“Max Property Group has employed over 25 new staff over the last year to keep up with the company’s growth, particularly the growth of the Max Crowdfund platform which has exceeded all expectations over the last 12 months.”

Max Property Group has applied for the ECSP license in order to expand it operations across Europe.

Press contact:

Marc Bakker
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