Max Crowdfund is growing fast. Advanced Joint Venture conversations with multiple jurisdictions.

We are pleased to announce that Max Property Group is in advanced discussions to launch Max Crowdfund in both New Zealand and Sweden.

An LOI has been signed with a large property developer in New Zealand, which is currently obtaining legal advice regarding the required regulatory license needed to operate a real estate crowdfunding platform. The licensing process is expected to take 6–12 months and we will keep you posted on progress made.

Another LOI has been signed with a large real estate investment academy in Sweden and they have already started translating the platform into Swedish. The platform cannot go fully live until we have obtained our European Crowdfunding License, but in the meantime “Qualified Investors” are allowed to register and invest. Following today’s announcement a marketing campaign to their students will be initiated.

We look forward to announcing more partnerships in the nearby future as we are continuing both the platform preparations (multiple currencies) and the documentation preparations for the license application for next year.

As soon as the required EU license is obtained, all EU investment opportunities will be available to the all EU citizens.

We are already having discussions with potential JV partners in the UK, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Australia and South Africa to name a few.

The moment we sign someone up, we will of course inform everyone.



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